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The first step in building your greenMachine is to select your signal processing platform. Choose from a powerful two, four or eight channel appliance, each providing a variety of I/O choices. Whether it’s a simple standalone appliance or a complex system with multiple units networked together all over the world, we’ve got you covered. Build it, stack it, rack it. Need rack mount solutions and redundant power solutions? We’ve got you covered.

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greenMachine callisto – 2 Channel Signal Processing Appliance


The greenMachine callisto is a compact self-contained general purpose A/V processing platform designed to host a wide variety of applications or APPs.

APPs are available online from our greenStore. You can try before you buy, download, combine and add or remove functionality as needed. Experiment and fully test you own custom designs before you buy. All APPs are fully functional and watermarked until purchased. You are in complete control of your own custom greenMachine.

The basic greenMachine hardware does not include any APPs. These can be purchased and downloaded from the online greenStore via the control software when connected to the greenMachine.

Customize your functionality just the way you need it.

What’s Next? Find out more about APPs

The greenMachine hardware platform includes an integrated color display with an intuitive user interface for local control and signal monitoring. A variety of push buttons and status indicators can also be found on the front of the hardware.

An external primary power supply is included with every greenMachine hardware purchase, and you can add an optional second power supply for redundancy.

The basic greenMachine callisto includes two internal processing channels, which are inactive until APPs are installed. An internal crossbar provides access for I/O connectivity including:

  • 2x Electrical SD/HD/3G SDI inputs. Level A and Level B DL 
  • 2x Electrical SD/HD/3G SDI outputs. Level A and Level B DL 
  • 1x HDMI input (1.4a) 
  • 1x HDMI output (1.4a) 
  • 1x Analog reference input (bi-level or tri-level sync) 
  • 1x Analog reference (bi-level or tri-level sync) or CVBS composite video output
  • 1x Electrical LAN I/O connection 
  • 4x Balanced Analog Audio or Digital AES Audio inputs 
  • 4x Balanced Analog Audio or Digital AES Audio outputs 
  • 2x GPI inputs 
  • 2x GPI outputs

Optional I/O for callisto greenMachine Hardware

  • SDI Fiber I/O – Variety of plug-in options including CWDM 
  • LAN Fiber I/O – Variety of plug-in options including CWDM

Hardware Accessories

Optional 19" Rack Frame

While perfectly at home in a standalone desktop application, we also provide an innovative 19” 1RU rack mount chassis for greenMachine. It accommodates one or two greenMachines as well as both primary and redundant power supplies.

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Fiber Connectivity Options

We have a wide variety of plug-in fiber options for SDI and Ethernet connectivity for greenMachine. From simple point to point connections to multiplexed bidirectional CWDM applications with up to 18 wavelengths, we have you covered.

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Optional Redundant Power Supply

greenMachine includes an external primary power supply and supports an optional second redundant supply if required. Seamless auto changeover with primary & redundant power supply status LEDs are on the greenMachine hardware.

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Spec Sheet

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greenMachine callisto IP – 2 Channel Signal Processing with IP

Callisto IP adds video-over-IP and IP functionality to the callisto 2 channel signal processing hardware.

Callisto IP includes everything that callisto offers PLUS a dedicated H264 processing hardware acceleration and an additional Ethernet port for dedicated video over IP connectivity.

greenMachine titan – 4 Channel Signal Processing

Titan is a four channel Signal Processing appliance. It comes in the same footprint (1/2 RU) as callisto, but adds an additional two 3G processing channels to the hardware.

Titan is 4K compatible. It is capable of either using the combined 4x 3G-SDI inputs & outputs for 4K connectivity or a single 12G SDI input & output.

Titan offers a fiber port for optional 12G fiber I/O.

greenMachine titan IP – 4 Channel Signal Processing with IP

Titan IP adds video-over-IP and IP functionality to the titan four channel signal processing hardware.

Titan IP includes everything that titan offers PLUS a dedicated H264 processing hardware acceleration and an additional 10G Ethernet port for dedicated video over IP connectivity.

greenMachine europa – 8 Channel Signal Processing

Europa is an eight channel version of the greenMachine hardware in a 19? RU footprint. More information coming soon.