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This Changes Everything

....NAB2017 TV Technology – Best of Show


….and the industry agrees – winner of IBC2016 TVB Europe “Best of Show” award


….and TM Broadcast’s Best of 2016


The greenUniverse

Explore countless customization possibilities to build your very own greenMachines for use in your greenUniverse.

Screaming fast hardware, a wide selection of APPs and incredibly powerful software – together these deliver
unrivaled flexibility using radical new ideas & concepts in broadcasting technology.

And this is just the beginning…



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The greenUniverse is the big picture! A global view of your virtual greenMachine system – from a single system all the way to hundreds of units.
Yes, your system can support virtually unlimited scalability.
greenUniverse visualizes your entire system – all the greenMachine hardware installed and the APPs & constellations (groups of APPs)
that you’ve designed & configured.
greenUniverse allows you to pan & zoom around your entire system from a distant global view all the way down to the intricate signal paths, connections and
controls – all with a mouse.
An exceptional visualization and organization tool, yet so much more!